While building the Hex-A-Deck last summer, there were more than a few conversations about how amazing the deck could look with LED lighting below/in it and the distinct lack of epoxy compared to most of my recent/larger projects. That project was, thankfully, too far along in build to consider adding such requirements.

Over the winter I mulled over those ambitious / audacious goals and by the spring had come up plans to build a Hex-a-Table that would:

  • Use up the last full boards of white cedar I had remaining from building the deck.
  • Require no screws or other joinery beyond epoxy.
  • Have the epoxy tinted white with LED lighting running underneath all the joints.
  • Allow a propane fire-based centerpiece for the shoulder seasons and evenings.
  • Be able to use the metal frame of the patio table I got 2nd hand last year as a base.

A table tale told in two parts

As much as the design of the table top was relying on concepts that I have done in past projects on a smaller scale, there were many things that I wasn’t quite sure would A) work at all, B) work well together along with some C) new to me parts of the process, that setting/limiting the scope to just the table top seemed sane. Between other projects Idealien Studios had committed to for customers, and how much of the workshop space that this took up during its’ build, I’m very happy with that choice.

I had a chance to use the table outside in the fall briefly, but didn’t get photos of it then and plan to keep it inside over the winter. That will give time to design / build the base for it based on experience rather than just imagination. You can look forward to more better pictures of it in Hex-A-Table Part 2 in spring of 2024.

How it was made


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