When you imagine what a sports trophy from the 1980’s to early 90’s looks like, what do you imagine:

  • Small base with bronze engraved name plates?
  • A little figurine on top swinging the stick/club of the sport?
  • The main body is a wooden rectangle with a few layers if thickness cut in

There are lots of places where you can still find a design like that including your local thrift store. After a few decades of life pulling in different directions, this family wanted to restart their close-to-annual golf tournament and needed something with a little more style, weight and gravitas to it. After a few iterations of design in the digital space, a golf-ball shaped design.

After a few iterations of design in the digital space to come up with a logo, the series eventually grew to include a new trophy, embroidered shirts and custom printed golf balls. I didn’t manage to capture or keep a lot of the photos during the trophy build on a CNC router other than the video below. But it gives you a bit more of the sense of depth to the curve/geometry of the outer surface of the ball as well as the dimples that give it that signature look.

2025 will be the the 40th anniversary of the inaugural tournament. Judging by some of the hype materials that have been released for the 39th edition in 2024, it is shows no signs of slowing down even if some of the participants have started to.

How it got made


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