For many years, one of the most frequently made and purchased items that my parents would produce through Sawdust & Glass were keepsake boxes that were slightly larger than an average box of Kleenex. In their rendition, a solid piece of textured glass would fill the top of the wooden frame. As they began to pare down their craft show stock, I decided to see how I might re-imagine the keepsake box top idea with two boxes that dad had already built.

Having recently got a resin 3D printer, the test prints I had made of the default Rook / Castle file seemed like an interesting one to base the design around. A few super tiny sets of chess pieces later, and I was ready to go into full on creative crafting mode to build a scene that re-imagined the idea of life sized chess pieces in. miniature. There was epoxy resin water / ponds, femo clay bridges, painted plaster grassy cliffs and many other little artistic effects.

A more sensible travel size chess set was included along with each box that was given as gift to friends or family members with small children that might learn to enjoy one of the worlds oldest games. But the notion that the pieces were so tiny it often required tweezers to play put a new spin on the idea that you should think carefully before moving your piece.


Those are tiny and that looks great!

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