One of the things that I most enjoy about being a maker is how you can put your own twist onto an existing item. In the fall, a colleague posted in a board gaming social channel about a game that they enjoyed playing at a cafe recently:

I played this fun two-player abstract game at a Board Game Cafe a month or so ago and really enjoyed its mechanics.
Very simple components, jazzed up with wood and stones to justify the price. When we finished, I found myself thinking: “I could just ask Jamie if he could make that. ”  :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:


I replied that “It’s in the realm of possibility”, but (intentionally) let the conversation go quiet. After watching a few videos about the game, I realized that:

  • It’s the type of game I would enjoy playing
  • It’s the type of game a few of my friends/family would too
  • It really wouldn’t be that hard to make.

I ended up building 5 sets out of Ebsian oak and walnut wood, white/black epoxy for the fill lines, and then a different set of custom meeple depending on the gift recipient. For friends/family, I put their first initial on the chest of the meeple. For the one shown here, a branded build for Rocket Genius, their Gravity Forms logo on the chest with a custom space helmet painted up reinforcing the white/black piece colours.

How was it made?

How was it received?


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