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Jamie Oastler is the owner of Idealien Studios. Currently he is also both the lead WordPress developer at Innovapost and an important DevOps resource for the Canada Post Group of Companies. His range of experiences across the WordPress solution stack from front-end designer, plugin developer, solution architect to DevOps resource are layered on top of a strong foundation built through his Bachelor of Commerce degree at Carleton University. He is equally capable and comfortable delivering a small project to convert legacy intranet applications into highly-engaging user experiences as he is launching enterprise-scale initiatives like a load-balanced implementation of Atlassian Bitbucket Server DC that is helping to standardize the Canada Post Group of Companies on the git version control system.

Outside the office he enjoys living and learning life on a hobby farm south of Ottawa, Canada where he makes time for hobbies like golf, helping his son Alex find his way as a budding web / mobile app developer and having all the fun with his wife and family (both two-legged and four).

Wonderful Websites

Site architecture, plugin development and content management for Intranets, event-driven microsites and WordPress-powered applications.


Delightful DevOps

Automating deployments with Ansible to reliably deliver scalable sites with zero downtime

Consistent Source Control

I’ve setup Git, Gitolite and Atlassia Bitbucket to manage source code for some of Canada’s largest enterprises.

Scalable Servers

Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, another cloud or own your own data centre – As long as it runs Linux I am here to help.

“What truly sets Jamie apart from his technical peers; however, is his uncanny ability for creative problem solving and opportunity identification. He backs this up with corporate discipline and risk-mitigation. No matter his role, he can be relied on to execute projects end-to-end.”


Communications Director, Innovapost

What is it like to work with Jamie?

What is an Idealien?

Chosing a name for a company is often the most vexing process you will experience in that business.  Like most companies, I wanted something that is easy to remember and indicates the types of services offered. I also had an existing branding element (the alien that had been used on my personal domain for some time.

  • Originates from the word “idea” or “ideal” which conveys the focus I have for my customers ideas. They can expect to receive a product/service which is ideally suited to their needs.
  • The “-ien” suffix hails from the word “alien” and can be used both as the name of my iconic blue alien and in plural form to represent people who are interested in working with WordPress with me.
  • Had all related domain names available at the time of registration.
  • Pronounced like chameleon – the more you say it, the better it sounds!