CSS - Origami Style

CSS - Origami Style

I believe that information should be and has an inherent desire to be free. Although the rewards you gain in this asymmetric approach to communication are much different than the traditional approach which treats knowledge as power, I believe it is better to share your knowledge with others. I have benefitted tremendously from others doing this and could not imagine not reciprocating that learning opportunity to others. After all, this capability of meaningful many-to-many communications is what makes the medium of the Internet so revolutionary!

My projects, linked on the right or explained in more detail below vary in scope, size, complexity and development activity. Click on the title for each project to learn more about the project, including tutorials for how use them on your own site and some examples where others have done so. In each case I have done my best to:

  • Document the reasons I created the project
  • Explain how others might can make use of it
  • Share any links / resources which relate to the concepts involved
  • Provide a way for you to contact me with feature suggestions / requests

I am also available for – and interested in – doing custom plugin development for WordPress including collaborative partnerships with other developers for larger scope concepts. If you want WordPress to do something that it currently can’t, contact Idealien Studios to discuss the possibilities. Your project is probably easier than you think!