Event Fundraising Microsite

The Opportunity

Innovapost has an incredible employee base that organizes and contributes frequently to many different charities and local organizations in their communities. Their major fundraising drive occurs each fall and is centered around employee engagement and raising funds for the very worthwhile United Way. In 2008, they wanted to take it to the next level by building an event micro-site to highlight the many in-person activities that happen over the 2 week and build some new online activities.

The Result

Working closely with the Innovapost Communications team who manage the site, I built a dedicated, internal WordPress site to serve as the central hub for communicating updates to employees that was positioned as a one-stop shop for information and campaign-related applications. The results speak for themselves, as the campaign consistently generates upwards of $215,000 and in 2010 Innovapost 2 million dollar mark for total donations by employees and corporate matching.

Events are happening everywhere and all the time

With an employee base of 700+ there are lots of volunteers organizing events within the Fall Festival. The use of The Events Calendar was essential part of the initial site launch that let us categorize (and colourize) events based on their location. The separate bookmarkable URLs (not shown) for each city made it easy for people to know what ways to participate were available to them.

All about the call…to action

The home page is a bright colourful start to the event micro-site which features an active list of upcoming events, rotating photo of the day from employee submissions. Each online event that runs the duration of the Fall Fest has a call-to-action and description to engage and excite.

New in 2015 – Hunting for Photos

spearheaded this event as an engagement activity that encourages employees to capture a photo on each days’ theme and awards points based on their artistic eye and commitment to the cause. I was amazed at the flexibility and ease of integration between Gravity View and Gravity Flow. The approval workflow let me easily decide the points per photo with the view showing the beautiful results per day. A custom short-code leveraging the Gravity Forms API tracked overall point totals per site with each winner taking home a great gift card prize.

Going once, going twice, SOLD…for charity

Started in 2010 the online auction features items donated from Innovapost corporate partners, employees and some of their friends / families. Built on a custom post type + meta / taxonomy, it integrates heavily with Gravity Forms and has a set of versatile features to handle multiple quantity items, early closing dates, minimum bids and both anonymous or named bidders. The bidding at the last minute is always eventful and it regularly brings in upwards of $5,000 for charity each year.

Raffles, Baskets, it’s a Bonanza oh my!

Building on the success of the online auction, the Basket Bonanza has most work group teams within Innovapost pool together to build a basket on a loose theme which will be raffled off to one lucky winner. The one shown at right – House of Cards – featured a series of gift cards crafted into a house in homage to the great Netflix series. Employees can bid on any number of baskets, and their total donation is tallied up in a 1 for $2, 3 for $5 or 7 for $10 model. Not shown, there are a set of pages built with the Gravity Forms API for the event leads to track raffle tickets and payment status.


New in 2015 – I Post, U Buy, Charity Wins!

This was an experimental event to build a method for employees to re-sell new or gently used items to their colleagues and donation all (or a %) of the sale value to charity. It made significant use of Gravity Flow and multiple Gravity Forms to track the items as they moved from submitted, posted, on offer, accepted and donation received.


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