Corporate Website Redesign

The Challenge

Innovapost is the Information Technology Shared Services provider for the Canada Post Group of Companies that manages, extends, and integrates hundreds of complex systems and online properties enabling and improved services used by millions of Canadians each year.  Innovapost was shifting from a business focus involving outside clients to becoming the exclusive IT shared services organization for the Canada Post Group of Companies.

The Solution

Innovapost engaged McMillan to create new brand identity that positioned it at the forefront of innovative IT service providers. I worked with their design and dev teams to integrate that vision into their corporate website powered by WordPress. The result is a high performance website with a fully responsive modernized design that reflects the brand’s new, forward-thinking position—and makes a very cool impression.

Site & Deployment Architecture

The new design and development was architected with a 12-factor model that enables deployments to be both seamless and painless.

It features:

  • Git version control
  • Ansible deployments and orchestration
  • Nginx + PHP-FPM application servers
  • Deployed onto a private PAAS environment featuring Red Hat VMs
  • Near-parity local dev environments with Vagrant / CentOS.

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