Community Classified Corkboard

What happens when you mixe a top-quality form engine with an easy-to-use workflow system, versatile presentation layer and a creative CSS concept? A fun digital version of a community cork board that helps colleagues share events, find new homes for old items and grow the sense of community across an almost thousand person organization, that’s what!

The board has flexible controls to let employees post (and remove) their own items. Thanks to the Slim Gravity Forms Photo Cropper all photos can be cropped and are automatically scaled to fit the design as a part of the upload process.

You may not have to worry about the digital notes losing their stickiness, but conditional logic in the workflow does let certain categories of items expire based on date and/or duration.

This Post-It Note board was a creative re-imagining of the traditional classified ads board / forum which came together in a few days of development time. Following a few conference room pilots to iterate the idea and refine the core features it launched in Q2 2017 and continues to receive regular use across the organization.