Business Process Workflow Automation

Replace a legacy system for managing employee training requests with a basic 2-step request / approval form. The system become a bottleneck as the company grew to ~1,000 employees that required a lot of email co-ordination, spreadsheet tracking and manual effort to support the overall process.

The clients’ key goal was to understand and manage the entire business process, from request to registration. They needed an optimized workflow which could:

  • Standardize and automate as many decisions as possible
  • Provide notification and reminders to employees / executives to reduce the time it takes to complete the overall process.
  • Provide a more intuitive (and visually attractive) tool which reduces the perception of complexity and reduce low-value task management for HR.
  • Enable reporting capabilities and course feedback / evaluation

After documenting the as-is process, including many ad-hoc answers to common process problems, I helped the HR team codify a new 9-step process for implementation. WordPress and Gravity Forms provided an exceptional data entry foundation for this project. Two add-ons in the Gravity suite were essential to delivering on the ease-of-use goals the client had:

  • Gravity Flow – User and role based workflow step assignments enabled a request to flow through up to 10 tasks to registration and post-training feedback.
  • Gravity View – Enabled HR and executives to see the overall status of teams training history, budget and status of any outstanding requests.

While analytics were not included as requirement for this project the anecdotal evidence supporting the business case from HR support staff is very strong:

  • Major reduction in calls / emails requesting basic status information about training requests
  • Significant time savings for HR support staff to action each request as all pertinent info is in single data source accessible from consistent navigation.
  • The contrast to an email + excel driven process is night-and-day.
  • The preparation of training budget / forecasts has been greatly simplified by the automated reports
  • Integration with 3rd party HR workforce analytics tools follows standards built through previous projects.

A small sample of the feedback received from client and colleagues who use the tool on a regular basis:

“Thank you for your work on the training request tool! It really is making a big difference to how effectively we manage learning and development”
Executive Project Sponsor

“You successfully captured our requirements and ideas, and turned them into both a visually appealing and enhanced Training Tool. I appreciate your patience with constant questions and your ability to translate “tech talk” when needed! It’s been great working with you!”

“You build some cool [explitive]!”
Technical Architect / Adviser

The Overview

Screen captures and details of some of the unique elements that went into this business process / workflow automation project. Please get in touch if you are interested in automating one of your existing business processes or discussing how Gravity Flow based process could help your business achieve desired results faster.

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