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UPDATE:  I went with a mix of the first two options to create WordPress from A(nsible) to V(agrant) which I presented at the WP Ottawa Not Beginner meetup in January.

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I enjoy the fact that creating and giving a presentation on a particular topic is a great way to evaluate whether I know all facets of a topic as well as I think I do. There are a few different pieces that I’ve been working with for long enough that fit into that category. That is fortuitous as Rick asked me during the last Not Beginner meetup of the Ottawa WordPress Group about doing a presentation for the January 2016 meetup.

It is likely that attending Wordcamp US next week will supercharge some of these ideas, but below are the pitch lines for the ones I would be open to presenting.

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Ottawa WordPress Group?
Check out their meetup website for upcoming events, additional resources and past presentations. They are all about learning WordPress, for beginners and experts alike! Attend one of their meetings and meet other WordPress users, learn more about WordPress, learn best practices, share ideas, projects and other information.

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Cowboy CoderYes you can do development directly in production – but that doesn’t mean you should. This presentation is for anyone who is writing / changing CSS, JS or PHP in a WordPress theme or plugins, but wants to be able to do so working offline / nowhere near production. It will cover installing the development tools (Virtual Box + Vagrant) and show you how to setup a local environment that mirrors your production environment with Ansible.

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Automate all the thingsIt doesn’t matter whether you are a developer building applications which run as a service (SAAS) an engineer who deploy or manage such applications or just own and tinker with your own website – You want to have peace of mind that updates won’t break your site or you can rollback at a moments notice. A 12-factor app is “all about codifying the best practices for building web apps with the main goal of improving work on a growing codebase” and getting WordPress to work this way is not as hard as you might think.

This presentation will cover:

  • Putting WordPress in its own subdirectory
  • Environment specific configuration files and environment variables
  • Installing Ansible
  • Setting up mysql, php and nginx
  • Deploying your site with confidence



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What's in the Box?

When you move beyond using WordPress as just a blog / basic website – you will encounter a lot of CRUD (create, read, update, delete). This presentation will share how to solve that common scenario in a few different ways including:

  1. WordPress core functions
  2. Custom Meta Data
  3. Advanced Custom Fields
  4. Gravity Forms

The GF suite is one that I often reach for in my toolbox – I’ll also give a demo of how I built an employee recognition program with the Gravity Forms suite including the open-source add-ons Gravity View and Gravity Flow.


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What do you think?

  • Would you really like to hear about a specific one more than the others?
  • Are there details that deserve deeper coverage?
  • Any related topics you think I should include?


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