Idealien Category Enhancements


This plugin makes category templates be selectable by drop-down list from the manage > categories screen of the admin console. It makes the selection / use of category and post templates as easy as page templates. It also includes configuration options that allow you to configure whether sub-categories inherit templates from their parent if none are specified.

Refactor or Retire? ICE and WordPress 3.0

There are many exciting things afoot in the world of WordPress these days. If you’ve been living under a rock thenĀ  custom post types (A really bad name choice BTW – it’s a data type of which post, page, attachment are default setup at launch), menu management, Multi-Site all in core of the next release […]

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Template – Retail Locations

Learn how to capture and display custom fields in a template using More Fields, a plugin that “enables you to define post types, which are custom Write/Edit pages that contains a pre-defined set of boxes”

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Template – Frequently Asked Questions

Want to create a Frequently Asked Questions category template for your Wordpress site? This tutorial covers everything from installing ICE, template design with video, step-by-step instructions and code.

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ICE v1.2 now available

I have updated Idealien Category Enhancements to support the recent release of Wordpress 2.8. In addition to support for 2.8, this update includes support for child themes / theme frameworks. Find out all about it in this release note post.

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Feature Prioritization for ICE v1.2

The first version of ICE was released to support Wordpress 2.6 (2.6.2 to be exact). After a few weeks of fighting an authentication issue on the SVN repository for plugins, I started to share it via the Wordpress plugin gallery on Oct 18, 2009. Since that time almost 800 people have downloaded it and almost 2,000 visits have been logged to my site looking to learn more about it. It was also recently featured as one of 40 exceptional “CMS Enabling” Wordpress plugins by Noupe.

I have been slowly adding more features / functionality to ICE and hope to release an update within 1 – 2 weeks of the pending release of Wordpress 2.8. The following is a list of items which are already either implemented or on track to be for that timeframe.

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Introducing ICE V1.1

This first release of Idealien Category Enhancements (ICE) allows you to manage category templates as easily as you manage page templates. Select which template applies to a category through the post > categories menu using file names that make sense, not category ID numbers. Now any views of the category (or sub-categories) will render the according to the category template selected. Posts in a given category can also use a category-based template. Read this post for complete installation and configuration instructions.

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