Knowing that personal projects are great motivation for future lines of business, I built a beautiful wedding website for Melanie and I that centered around 3 core concepts:

  • Simple for friends / relatives to RSVP through.
  • Easy to add / update info as the wedding day draws near.
  • Beautiful

Like most people who grew up with the Internet, I don’t keep track of the mailing address of all my friends. So in addition to asking the key questions regarding potential guests attendance, the RSVP form also captured everyones’ mailing address (for thank you card mailouts!). As they register for the wedding, the site created a username / password for them to login to see the rest of the functionality we wanted:

  • Photo gallery
    Simple upload form for friends / family to post pictures from us at various points along our separate journeys through life and our time together. A great way for everyone to see how you’ve grown.
  • Gift registry
    For stores that don’t offer the service directly which is getting to be nearly all. When the bride / groom log in, they only see the list of items they added through the site admin console. When guests log in they see reservation status and ability to reserve items.
  • Fiancee Blog
    Equal opportunity share the latest info about the logistics leading up to the wedding day and place to capture some of the more memorable stories about how you met, fell in love, etc. Guests could comment on any entry and it would be easy to add a form on the front-end to allow your guests to add their own posts if desired.
  • Additional Pages
    Separate pages for hotel reservation info, wedding itinerary or any other content that guests will need were easy to add thanks to WordPress near infinite scalable content options.