Innovapost has raised almost $2 million dollars for various charities in the Ottawa community. Each year they continue to raise the bar in terms of employee engagement and were identified as the “Best Community Campaign” by the United Way/Centraide Ottawa for its annual Fall Festival fundraising campaign in 2009. In 2010 they wanted to build a site dedicated to all the amazing events they have happening during the Fall Festival. With design and content support from their communications staff, I built out a micro-site that offered a number fantastic features to further engage their employee base to support the United Way:

  • Silent Auction
    The days of printing your name on a piece of paper or sending product pictures via e-mail attachment are a thing of the past with an online auction tool. Employees receive e-mail notification of their successful bids and staff can easily add necessary info for each product via a custom post type (image, description, donator – name, URL, logo) and track the status of each item up to the cut-off date. At the conclusion of the auction, an excel spreadsheet is automagically extracted from the database from which they can follow-up with winners for donation / delivery. A future version of this functionality could also include direct payment via paypal.
  • Event Calendar
    Innovapost has a sizeable amount of events running during the course of their Fall Festival. The Event Calendar was configured to have 1 calendar view (per office) plus the event list with summary info for every event across the entire company.
  • Goal Tracking Thermometers
    Many instantly recognize the thermometer as a visual aid to track fundraising success. After building a pre-WordPress 3.0 version for their <a href=””>Walk / Run for Wishes website</a>, a custom post type based version came together quickly including extensible taxonomies for image size, goal type ($, % or other #) and visual type. Expect to see this released as an Idealien Studios plugin very soon.
  • Share Your Story Blog
    Being built on WordPress as a CMS means dead simple blogging wherever you want it. To reduce the barriers of employee engagement to post their event stories, I built a ‘share your story’ Gravity Form that submits post + photos to the blog with approval.