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Going with the Gravity Flow – Bulk Workflow Entry Creation

I hardly felt that ~20 lines of code is worth an entire blog post. So why are you able to read this as more than a tweet? The more I looked back at the potential approaches to solve this problem I could have taken, the more I realized understanding how to figure out the minimum viable code to complete a requirement was worth exploring. Especially when this snippet could be used in a LOT of common business processes.

There are multiple ways to generate bulk Gravity Forms entries which trigger Gravity Flow workflows. You may benefit from using a bash script looping Gravity Flow CLI commands OR a function hooked to gform_pre_submission that enables Gravity Forms Entry Importer from Gravity View to map hidden email fields into Gravity Flow user / assignee fields.

Getting Crazy with ACF Conditionals

Getting Crazy with ACF Conditionals

I’ve been working on a project lately that makes extensive use of Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and the post object / taxonomy field types in particular. As my last blog entry outlined, it integrates VERY nicely with the REST API for custom field validation and...

A good nights’ REST with ACF

A week ago, I was proverbially standing in a green field and curious how others might tackle the implementation of a core piece of the project I was starting. I had already spec’d out the meta data fields via Advanced Custom Fields; a plugin that not only makes typed...

Will my perfect picks continue in the Exceptional Eight?

Round 1: 31 / 32 correct w/ 3 perfect brackets Round 2: 13 / 16 correct w/ 2 perfect brackets Round 3: 8 / 8 correct = PERFECTION Overall: 44 / 48 = 92.85% I won’t be wearing an electric neon onesie anytime soon, but it does feel nice to get all of the brackets...


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